Take the 30 Day Challenge!

Use the entire Antioxidant Collection morning and night for 30 days and indulge in the power of pure antioxidants. Clients experienced a brighter complexion and even skin tone within 7 days, a reduction of blemishes and black heads within 2 weeks and 50% smoother skin in 30 days!


Face of Hope's nourishing Antioxidant Collection contains a powerful combination of 30 plant based ingredients specifically chosen for their high antioxidant levels and amazing skin benefits.This combination of antioxidants works in synergy ona cellular level to provide amazing results quickly. Smoother, firmer and replenished skin have been experienced in as little as 30 days!


KEY ANTIOXIDANTS: Carotenoids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Proanthocyanidin

Antioxidant Collection (age-defying)

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  • Over 10 years of skin care development and experience have been instrumental in achieving the Antioxidant Collection. Five restorative products, as well as specific morning and night routines contribute to optimal absorption and cellular repair.

  • Cleanser:

    Massage 3 - 4 pumps of cleanser onto dry skin for 1 - 2 min.’s. Focus on areas that are prone to clogging and gently remove with a warm washcloth. *Tip: To remove black heads - at night, leave cleanser on for 20 min.'s and massage for 5 min. before removing.


    C Elixir Set:

    To activate, add a bottle of Vitamin C powder. *Important: Expires within 10 days when added, write expiry date on bottle when activated.* Shake well and wait 5 min.'s to dissolve. Massage 15 drops onto face and neck. *Tip: Pat around the eyes (crows feet) not to be used under the eyes.



    Massage 1-2 pumps of serum onto face and neck. *Tip: For an eye treatment, gently pat under the eyes.



    Spray 2 - 3 pumps into palm of hand, and massage onto face and neck. *Tip: Avoid the under eye area.  



    Glide finger on top of cream and massage a small amount at a time onto face, neck and under eyes, apply an even coverage. A little goes a long way!

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