At Face of Hope we believe everyone deserves to have truly clean skincare.

I began my chemical free journey on Oct. 5th 2002, that’s the day my beautiful daughter Hope was born.  As a new mom I was nervous, excited and very protective, my whole focus was on Hope and making sure this little gem would have the best start in life.  I spent numerous hours reading books, surfing the web and connecting with mommy groups, slowly gathering information and taking bits and pieces that felt good to me.  During this time I had neglected signs of my skin changing, I would have small rashes come up and my regular acne had changed to cystic acne and my “pregnancy mask” began to darken rather than lighten.  Every time I applied my regular skin care I could feel a burning sensation and eventually I stopped using it completely.  

I had a big wakeup call when I got my hair coloured for the first time after Hope was born and within 5 min.’s after they applied it, I was in tears, it was burning my scalp!  They removed it immediately and when I went home my husband said my scalp was bubbled up, chunks of my hair fell out and it took months for the irritation to go away.  At this moment I realized how much I changed after having Hope and the old ways of using chemicals to take care of myself needed to change.  So I got busy focusing on myself, it’s funny to say this but this was really hard at first.  The years I spent reading and gathering information to raise Hope was so much easier than gathering information for myself. 

It wasn’t until 2008 when I finally put all my efforts into creating a solution for my skin issues.  Before this time I had gone through numerous “natural” products trying to find something that would work for my skin but they all had hidden chemicals.  I was so angry that natural on the label didn’t actually mean 100% natural ingredients so I decided to create my own.  The creative process was frustrating, I read so many books, surfed the web, tried and tried again; it was far from an overnight success.  It took over a year to finalize my formulas but this was a labor of love, a gift for myself, so all the endless hours and failed attempts would be worth it in the end.  I was determined to take care of myself and my skin issues, I remember the, “eureka” moment when all the products fell into place and my first skin care line was created, my skin never looked so good and the joy I experienced was over whelming.  I did it!  I finally created a 100% natural solution for myself and it worked!

For the past 14 years I have been living chemical free and all thanks to having my body change during pregnancy.  It took severe reactions and uncomfortable rashes for me to investigate what was in my beauty products.  The process of being chemical free wasn’t easy at first, my best advice is to keep it simple and take it one step at a time.  Check out David Suzuki’s Sustainable Shopper’s Guide: The Dirty Dozen Ingredients to Avoid in your Cosmetics.  It lists the top 12 ingredients you want to avoid and why.  This simple cut out can easily fit in your purse and it’s a great start to knowing what’s inside your beauty products. ​

“To create gifts with my hands, to spread knowledge through experience, to breathe in the joy felt by my customers, these are the things I live for!” Elizabeth Farr

Founder of Face of Hope All Natural Skin Care

Only The Best!

At Face of Hope we are dedicated to providing you with the very best all natural skin care. Not only are our products free from harsh chemical ingredients but they are also formulated to provide you with instant results.

Extensive research into natures top skin enhancers has resulted in facial products for all skin types, that contain youth boosters, acne balancers and sun damage reducers, all from nature itself! Feel the difference in one application and immerse in nature's gifts.