Important Business Update

Quarterly Skin Care Orders

Attaining supply of raw ingredients has been difficult this past year. To serve you better I will be accepting skin care orders on a quarterly basis during a 2 - 4 week time period. The following will be the scheduled dates when you can place your order:

March 1 - March 15
June 1 - June 15
Sept 1 - Sept 15

November 15 - December 15

Currently our store is closed and will reopen for orders between March 1 - March 15. This will give me time to replenish my stock. I will be sending an email out prior to March 1 to inform you of the upcoming ordering window and will be asking if you intend to order and what you'd like to order, if you would like to be added to our email list please
subscribe here. By operating in this fashion I can make sure I have all the supplies I need to serve you.


Everyday Low Prices on Collections
Moving forward a special discount has been applied to our most popular collections; the Golden Buddha and Antioxidant Collections have been marked down to the lowest price I can offer and this will be their locked down everyday low price similar to the locked down everyday low prices of the Miracle Duo, Synergy Complete, Synergy Complete + Vitamin C Boost and Synergy Complete + Miracle Duo. I will also continue to provide FREE shipping on all orders across Canada. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me anytime either by phone 226-456-3729 or email

Thank-you for your patience and understanding,
Elizabeth Farr

Face of Hope All Natural Skin Care

Ontario, Canada


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