*NEW* Miracle Mask

*NEW* Miracle Mask

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Miracle Mask now contains citrus bioflavonoids! Citrus bioflavonoids (quercetin, hesperidin, and rutin) minimize uneven skin tone, age spots and wrinkles, plus protects and naturally restores collagen. Gently nourish and exfoliate to give radiance to dull, flaky skin. 

  • Rhassoul clay balances skin oils and is beneficial for all skin types
  • Seaweed helps repair the effects of aging by reactivating skin cells which in turn fight against damaged skin
  • Colloidal oatmeal and coconut milk gently remove dead skin cells
  • 100% Water Free / Highly Concentrated with Active Ingredients 

How To Use:

Using the clear scoop provided, mix 1 levelled scoop of the Miracle Mask with 2 scoops of water in a small bowl. 

Massage 2-4 pumps of one of our liquid cleansers onto dry skin over your face and neck to dislodge impurities and stimulate circulation. Do not rinse off. Next, gentIy massage the Miracle Mask mixture onto face and neck over the cleanser. 

To use as a gentle facial scrub simply remove after massaging.  To use as a detoxifying mask, wait 10 minutes before removing. 

Finally, rinse a wash cloth in warm water, and gently wipe away cleanser and mask. 

Gentle enough to use as a daily scrub or a weekly mask, followed by your favourite Treatment.


infused energy of rose quartz, *NEW* Citrus Bioflavonoids, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract, Coconut Milk Powder, Seaweed Powder, Oat Powder and Moroccan Lava Clay